Monday, 23 May 2011

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Donny was young, certainly, but he knew all about putting his cock intoa Free pornSuddenly, with a silent giggle of wicked pleasure, Marilyn decided totake the chance. Even if Donny wasn't sleeping, it wouldn't matter. Ifhe saw her naked body, it would make no difference. He was still almosta baby, she thought. Even if his cock was almost hard, he was still ababy to her.Being as quiet as she could; not splashing any water; Marilyn liftedherself from the tub.From his slitted eyes, Donny saw his mother's tits. They were so fulland tight, there was hardly any movement to them. Her nipples were veryhard and long, he saw. As she stood up, his slitted eyes gazed at herflat stomach--then fixed upon that thick patch of hair. The hair wasdark and curly, and he was disappointed that her cunt was so wellconcealed.Reaching for the towel, Marilyn turned her back to her son before shewrapped it about her. Donny saw his mother's swelling, shapely asscheeks, and the first word that came to his mind was "bubble". Her asswas like two beautiful bubbles, he though. There was a tingling in hisballs and his cock arched up into full hardness. He watched his motherwrap the towel around her body and start into the house. Her legs werevery long and smooth, and they excited him very much.

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"You dirty little girl," she said out loud, leering mischievously atherself in the mirror.For Porn MoviesThe first thing Jenny did when she got home from school on the day herparents left on vacation was to take off all her clothes. She didn'tknow why she did it exactly--she just found herself doing it. With allthe doors of the house locked and all the curtains drawn and nobody tosee her, she stripped in the living room and trotted from one end ofthe house to the other, giggling as her young tits bounced naked andfree.In her parents' bedroom, she posed in front of the mirror, running herhands up and down her silky-smooth skin, admiring the size of her titsand the voluptuous shape of her teenage body. She pulled her silky,blonde hair in front of her shoulders and let the ends tickle her largepink cherries, which swelled with tingly bumps and a pair of nippleslike fingertips. She stretched her arms overhead, dancing with sinuousmovements of her gymnast's body. Her hairless armpits were moist withsweat. The golden fuzz on her tanned belly glowed in the soft afternoonlight that filtered through the curtains.

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Suddenly, with a silent giggle of wicked pleasure, Marilyn decided totake the chance. Even Porn videosThat was his cock she could see!Her eyes unfocused for a moment as a tingle rippled up and down herbody. When her vision cleared she gazed at her son, seeing the head ofhis cock clearly. She wondered if Donny knew what she could see, if hehad sat that way deliberately. He had his hands behind his head and facewas turned into the sun, eyes close. But they weren't closed all theway, he was peeking at his mother from slitted eyes, and he knew whereshe was looking.Marilyn gazed at the head of her son's cock, believing his eyes wereclosed. She looked openly, desire coming into her eyes. She gasped againas she saw his cock starting to swell. The head seemed to poke out a bitfarther until she saw every smooth bit of it. There was a churningsensation between her thighs and she moved her hand back under the hotwater and to her cunt. Gazing at the head of her son's cock, she beganto rub her hand up and down her cunt.Marilyn began to experience small but very pleasurable orgasms as shepeered at Donny's cock. She could see one of his precious balls theretoo and this increased her burning desire. A finger slipped into hercunt and she hid to stifle a groan of delight.After a few minutes she thought Donny had fallen asleep. He had oftendozed out here, and the way his chest rose and fell evenly now she wassure he was sleeping. She wanted to get out of the tub for a while, butas long as Donny was there she couldn't. She had not brought her robeout with her, and her large towel was on the table at his side. Shecouldn't possibly get to it before he woke up.

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ainst her palm.But there was no man here or anyplace else.The only male around was Donny, but he didn't Free porn moviestwo years. Also, she had custody of her son, Donny. Herex-husband had not fought very hard and for that she was glad. Thedivorce had been almost friendly. But any love she had for her husbandwas long gone, as his was for her. As usual, they never learned whatwent wrong.Six months was a long time for Marilyn to do without a cock. If she hadher choice she would fuck every day--morning, noon, and night. But nowshe had no choice. She did, however, have her hands and fingers.As the early afternoon sun burned down onto her, she shoved a hand alongher swelling, shapely tits just beneath the hot water. Her flesh wasvery smooth, like satin. Cupping her tit for a moment, she squeezed thefirmness, feeling her nipple press into her palm. A tingle of pleasurerippled down her stomach to her cunt and she felt her clitoris swelling.Moving her hand downward, she ran her fingers through the bushythickness of her cunt hair. Parting her thighs, she probed lightly uponher knotted clitoris, sliding her finger down and into the slipperytightness of her pussy.""indian girls in bra onlydesi home made moviesfree desi masala movieshot bollywood videosMarilyn loved to caress herself this way, outside in the hot tub withthe sun hot enough to make her sweat. She loved feeling and probing herbody with the fresh air around her.Yet, if she had a choice, she would prefer a man's hands moving abouther sensitive flesh. A man with a beautiful cock she could massage,squeeze, and stroke into lovely hardness; watch the head become round;the piss hole dripping aga

Sunday, 22 May 2011

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Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his Free pornUmmmm" she purred as that stiff nugget swelled and rippled against hercaressing fingers.Although she had a handsome husband with a huge prick and plenty ofsexual stamina, Virginia still finger-fucked herself a lot. She enjoyedher own body, her own private caresses. But then, Virginia was a womanwho enjoyed anything and everything that had to do with sex.

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Nancy rolled her hips, bumped her ass, and the swirl of her round rumpwas a joyous sight Free porn moviesHer dark-brown hair, done in a sweep on the sides, a slick pull on thetop, tied into a long ponytail in the back with a white ribbon, swishedbehind her like a whip. Her tossed bangs were cut straight across herforehead and enhanced the beautiful, angelic cut of her lovely face.There was no question about it ... she could have placed high in thefinalists of the Miss Teenage America contest.The band blared.The crowd watched.Nancy bumped her curvy, luscious hips to the left, to the right, not aninch of fat on her sleek body. She turned around, her back to thestands, with the other six cheerleaders. They all bent over in unison,blue and white tennis shoes flat on the field, legs spread, and wiggledtheir fine asses.Nancy's little skirt pulled up over her tight bloomers. She pointed herdarling ass at the bleachers, her asscheeks sliced high with the elasticcut of her bloomers which left a juicy slice of shimmering white skinjiggling.

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The telephone rang, startling her so that she jumped. It was as ifsomebody had suddenly barged in Free porn movies"You dirty little girl," she said out loud, leering mischievously atherself in the mirror.For the first time in her life she was actually alone in the house, andshe felt like being naughty. She didn't understand why she felt thisway. All she knew that the excitement was racing through her body,pounding in her loins, and she felt like being wicked and runningaround the house stark naked.She headed for the kitchen, where she found some fruit and yogurt inthe refrigerator. Sitting naked at the kitchen table, she shimmied herbare legs together as she ate. If her mother and father could see hernow, she didn't know what they'd do--probably both die of heartattacks. She was being such a wicked girl, but she couldn't help it.For the first time in her life she felt free. Until this moment she'dnever realized just how unfree she'd been all her life. She couldn'tunderstand it, but those were her feelings.

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